Hedge Trimmers

The SA800 comes complete with backing plate ready to fit the Avant Loaders series 400,500,600 and 700.

  • Cut up to 40mm diameter
  • Low maintainance
  • Individually replaceable blades

Stems of up to 40mm diameter can be cut cleanly leaving a very tidy finish on the hedge, which ensures minimum disturbance for wildlife while leaving more satisfactory conditions for re-growth.

Using the Hedge Trimmer in this way gives access to small tight compact areas such as Tow Paths, Parks, Footpaths and Alleyways. We have proven that the smaller multipurpose machine can quickly and efficiently trim hedges where perhaps historically hand held machines have previously been used – making the work safer and easier!

As well as the SA800 other models available are HC150, HC180 and the newly developed HC200, HC250 and HC300. The HC300 is specialised for pruning apple trees.  These can be fitted to Diggers, tractors. There are extension arms available to give a higher reach.

The HC150 with a cutterbar length of 1.5 m is suitable for mini-diggers up to 3T capacity, while the HC180 with a cutterbar of 1.8 m is suitable for machines up to 7T.

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