We are dealers for the Avant Multipurpose machines with all the attachments to make working easy. We hire Avants short term and long term. We also hire Avant Multipurpose machines complete with experienced driver, making quick work of completing jobs!

Avant Loaders come in various sized machines with over 200 interchangeable attachments making light work of many jobs. The loaders are both light and compact but fast and efficient.


From £70 per day

  • 300 Skidsteer – 350 kilo lift
  • 528 Articulated – 750 kilo lift
  • 635 Articulated – 1000 kilo lift
  • 640 Articulated – 1000 kilo lift
  • 750 Articulated – 1400 kilo lift

Talk to us about longer term hire

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video


The Avant Loader Pallet Fork  is perfect for handling various types of materials on various types of pallets. The width of the Avant Pallet Fork can be easily adjusted thanks to a quick lock mechanism to suit various pallet sizes. The Forks are manufactured of a tensile forged steel in accordance with ISO2330 standard.

Click on the link for further information on Pallet Forks 1100mm & 850mm

General Buckets

Avant general bucket attachments are designed to allow the operator a clear view of the top of the bucket from the driver’s seat, this allows for easy and safe loading and tipping.

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Click to watch the video

4 in 1 Bucket with Teeth

The Avant Loader 4 in 1 Bucket attachment can be used as a bucket, as well as a Bulldozer blade, leveler and a grab to make this one of the most versatile attachments Avant offer.

Breaker B70

The Avant Hydraulic Breaker is a no frills attachment which offers a great solution to your demolition and refurbishment needs. The hydraulic system of the Avant machines ensures that there is no drop in power whilst the machine is in operation

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Click to watch the video


The Avant Lawn Mower 1200 attachment was designed with a strong, professional frame that will continue to perform for years to come. The unit houses two individual cutting blades which represent excellent cutting power when you need it the most.


The Avant Lawn Mower 1500 attachment is the biggest lawn mower of the Avant series. This lawn mower attachment is designed for professional usage and to clear large areas of ground quickly and efficiently.

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Click to watch the video

Snow Plough / Dozer Blade

The Avant Snow Plow attachment is a great, versatile attachment for snow removal. Both of the hydraulically powered Snow Plow blades can be adjusted and are built with a spring mechanism to ensure that they to not stop suddenly due to frozen objects, drains etc

1.5 M Hedge trimmer

This simple but effective attachment has been developed by Slanetrac and adapted to suit the ever-reliable Avant Loader. In our experience, it is the best hedge trimmer attachment for Avant machinery available. The Multi-connector system allows this length-adjustable hedge-trimmer to attach easily to your Avant Loader machine.

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Click to watch the video

Auger c/w:

The Avant Auger attachment  is available with various different flight diameters which makes this attachment ideal for a wide variety of tasks including, but not limited to: post hole boaring and tree transplanting.

Available Avant Auger flight diameters:

  • 150 mm
  • 230 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 460 mm
  • 900 mm

Log Grab

The Avant Loader Log Grab Attachment attaches effortlessly to the Avant Loader Pallet Fork Attachment to handle the movement of single logs or timber bundles.

The Avant Log Grab  also has the capabilities to lift:

  • Bigger Stones,
  • Branches
  • Fence Poles
  • Similar Objects

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video

Big Bag Transporter

The Avant Big Bag Transporter attachment is an inexpensive and safe  way of moving large bagged materials. This no frills attachment offers a solution to the removal of these types of heavy weighted materials.


The Avant Leveller attachment is an efficient and easy to use tool for levelling on large, open spaces.

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video

Screening bucket AV4-1000

The Avant Screening Bucket attachment is a quick and easy method of separating different sized soil with it’s robust and unique design.

The design of the Screen Bucket attachment allows the user to efficiently separate large and small soil particles without crushing or damaging the material- great for recycling!

Push Brush

The Avant Push Broom Attachment is an inexpensive, no frills attachment which is perfect for cleaning small areas.

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video


The Avant ripper attachment is a great, inexpensive tool for your landscaping needs. This attachment is perfect for making short work of rocks, tree stumps, roots and similar materials which need removing from hard ground.

Deeleys also stock many other attachments including

  • Muck Grab
  • Pro tec Post Knocker with 180 kilo weight

Terms & Conditions

  • Some attachments may incur an additional wear cost; such as flights for Auger & Breaker.
  • All machines come with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank of fuel.
  • Machines and equipment to be insured by the hirer. We can offer an insurance service through the C.P.A. if the hirer finds this easier.
  • Delivery / Collection extra.
  • Diesel charged as per quotation.
  • Hired only at hirer’s discretion.

Please check that prices are current.

Hire Procedure

If you contact us regarding a hire our standard proceedure is that we would ask you for your email address and forward you a quotation stating all charges involved.  If you then wish to proceed with the Hire, as we operate under the guidelines of the Construction Plant Association, the information we would require prior to any hire would be:-

  • Your name and address (business name).
  • The site address and postcode where the equipment is to be delivered – so that we can calculate any travelling distance.
  • Payment via the banking system if we have not dealt with yourself before.
  • Two forms of I.D.  Perhaps an up to date utility bill/driving licence.

(We would send over a proforma invoice with our charges and bank details)


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